Reduce Muscle Tension and Prevent Injuries


Reap the benefits from Sports and Remedial Massage or have your Spine and Pelvis re-aligned using the DORN Method.


Whether you are and active sports person, sometimes engage in physical activities or your job causes muscle strain and tension, sports and remedial massage can help you. Sports and remedial massage uses techniques involving manipulation of soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin and benefit everyone experiencing tense muscles, discomfort and pain, and decreased range of movement.

Repetitive and strenuous physical activity as well as injuries can cause tension, imbalances and scar tissue in the soft tissues.  Problems involving the soft tissue can also occur as a result of poor posture, static as well as repetitive work or sudden trauma and present in the form of repetitive strain injuries, strained muscles or tendons, tennis elbow, scar tissue formation after injury, back and shoulder pain, etc. Furthermore overuse and trauma can cause restrictions of Fascia, the connective tissue which lines and covers all muscles and organs of the body.

Myofascial release and other remedial techniques improve tissue flexibility, realign muscle fibres, break down scar tissue and improve range of movement.  As with other forms of massage, circulation will be greatly improved increasing flow of nutrition and oxygen to the cells whilst removing waste products via the lymphatic system.

Sports massage can benefit anyone who engages in physical activity no matter the level of training, fitness or age.  Exercise promotes processes of overcompensation and adaption, so that the body can build up strength and improve its tolerance levels for future exercise.  Sports massage can help the recovery process by
- Releasing muscle tension and pain.
- Assist lymphatic drainage
- Reduce "delayed onset of muscle soreness" DOMS
- Improve posture and flexibility

Do you suffer from a bad back, sciatica or other strains but not sure what causes the discomfort?  Many people has a leg length discrepancy, tilted pelvis or a misalignment of their spine without knowing it.  This can be caused by everyday habits like driving the car, crossing your legs when sitting down or even stretching muscles incorrectly.  The DORN method is a gentle and simple method to realign joints which has also shown to improve underlying ailments.  The principle behind the method is correction with movement and the treatment includes a range of self help exercises preventing the problems returning.

Common for any problems in the soft tissue is that the sooner the problems are treated the easier it is to restore the muscles to a healthy, flexible and efficient state. Subtle and relaxed muscles will also help prevent injuries so massage therapy is important for body maintenance, repair and well being.