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Description of Therapies

Gardenacre Therapy offers a wide variety of massage therapies in the centre of Balerno Village. Each therapy has different advantages and can form a treatment in it self, however the therapist will most frequently be using techniques from a range of therapies to provide the most suitable treatment to the client's specific needs.


Remedial and Sports massage

Sports and Remedial massage work in the deeper layers of muscle to free up adhesions and reduce scar tissue leaving the muscles flexible and smooth. Myofascial release works on the fascia which is a connective tissue enclosing all muscles and organs of the body. Adhesions of fascia results in limited movement between muscle fibres and can cause injury over time. Hence, sports massage will benefit anyone engaging in physical exercise, prepare for a race, recover after training sessions, matches or injury.

You do not need to be an athletes to suffer from fascia adhesions, muscle tension and strains. Many jobs and hobbies like gardening can cause the exact same problems and many jobs are responsible for repetitive strain injuries and tense back and neck muscles.

Sports and remedial massage is not a relaxing treatment. The therapist work together with the client to stretch and strengthen muscles, including working on the client's range of movement.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body.

Hot Stone treatments have been carried out for more then 3000 years and originates from China and India. Much later it spread to the North American Indians and has now become a popular massage therapy throughout North America and Europe. Today we use smooth volcanic basalt stones which has a high iron content retaining heat for longer. The stones are heated to 50-53°C in a water bath and the therapist moves the heated stones over the muscles. This heat quickly penetrates the skin and muscles resulting in a warming, calming and relaxing treatment.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is also known as Holistic Massage as it aims to look at the whole person and all aspects influencing the person. It was developed by the Swede Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839). After spending time studying massage in China he developed techniques to help improve his health and improve his physical conditions. Those techniques are still in use today.

Massage benefits the body physiologically as well as psychologically with particular effect on the skin, blood and lymph circulation, muscles, nerves and internal organs.

Effleurage is a gentle move that gently improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is used to distribute oil across the skin. Kneading is used to warm up muscles preparing it for deeper massage such as petrissage and use of pressure points. Tapotements and cupping is an invigorating technique that stimulates blood circulation and skin tone. Kneeding techniques on the stomach can also help constipation and a full body massage can leave the body fully relaxed.

Holistic Massage can improve the condition of the entire body. By looking at the individual person’s lifestyle and well-being the massage can be adjusted to suit each person and the therapist can advice on how to improve their own health.

Rejuvenating/ Natural Lift Facial Massage

This massage works on the shoulders, face and scalp. Using a number of different techniques including pressure points and lymphatic drainage, the muscles of the face and jaw are being relaxed. The massage promotes suppleness and flexibility by reducing accumulated tension from daily facial expression. The connective tissue consists of collagen and elastin which are weaved together in a flexible web.  Over time the skin looses some of this elasticity, however the facial massage can help rejuvenate the collagen and promote suppleness and flexibility.  Light exfoliation of the skin also help make the skin look more vibrant.  Overall the treatment is very relaxing, can relieve symptoms of stress such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain and leave your skin with a fresh appearance with less fine lines.

Dorn Method and Breuss Massage

The Dorn Method is a gentle treatment for the vertebrae and other joints (it is not a massage). The therapist adjust the joints while the client moves it. Originally developed by Dieter Dorn (born 1938), a German Sawmill owner who used to treat people in the local community when they suffered from Sciatic pain, headaches, back aches and joint problems. With no medical back ground his principle relied on gently pushing joints back in place while the joint was in movement. This is still the principle of the method. When tested most people turn out to have a leg length discrepancy which is now the first step of adjustment before further alignment of the vertebraes. Alignment of the vertebrae often releases muscle tension along the spine improving blood circulation and nerve function in the area. This also has a positive effect on the internal organs. With only a couple of treatments the Dorn Method often have a significant effect and the client will be taught selfhelp exercises to avoid recurring problems.

The Gentle Breuss Massage is often used in combination with the Dorn Method. This method was known as the "Intervertebral disc massage" and created by the Austrian lay healer Rudolf Breuss. The Breuss massage is a sensitive, energetic manual massage of the back to dissolve psychical, energetic or physical blockages and it may start the regeneration process of undernourished intervertebral discs. It's a perfect partner to the Dorn Method to either finish a treatment or prior to a treatment if the client experience particular tense muscles along the spine.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy involves many changes for the expectant mother both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy massage can help alleviate muscle pain and tension and maintain good joint flexibility of hips and shoulders.  Massage can improve blood and lymph circulation and help reduce oedema and relieve varicose veins which are common in pregnancy. Research has shown that regular pregnancy massage can help prepare the body for labour and may reduce childbirth complications. Massage increases the secretion of serotonin and endorphins which are calming hormones and can help ease anxiety and stress that comes with being pregnant.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage is tailored to the problems a new mum may experience and help her body get back to pre-pregnancy conditions. The massage will focus on rebalancing the spine and pelvis and promote pelvic healing, alleviate  muscle strain resulting from pregnancy, childbirth and looking after the newborn and help facilitate healing after Caesarian section.  The massage will be nurturing and aim to help and support the new mum, to help her feel her best and get more energy to look after her baby.

Babies are welcome and can sleep in their pram in the massage room while you enjoy your massage.

Many women still suffer back pain or pelvic misalignment months or years after giving birth.  Its not too late to improve this so do come and see me.

Massage for People Living with Cancer and Recovering from Cancer

Receiving the terrible diagnosis that you have cancer is a very stressful and overwhelming experience.  The treatments including operations, chemotherapy and radiation can make you feel vulnerable and sick. During treatment gentle touch massage can help you relax, decrease pain, fatique and anxiety and help you sleep better.  Gentle massage during treatment can be limited to scalp, neck and shoulders or feet depending on how the person feels.

Cancer treatment can result in many side effects and massage can be of great help to people recovering from treatment. Massage can be helpful improving peripheral neuropathy and decrease pain, improve range of motion around operations sites and improve functionality. However, massage can also give reassurance and return some body confidence to the person.

When you have finished treatment you may want to return to activities you have been used to including massage treatment.  Unfortunately many spas and massage therapists will turn you away due to lack of insurance and fear for working with people who have had a cancer diagnosis.  With the  "Massage for People Living with Cancer" course I have gained knowledge of issues to look out for to provide massage in a safe and gentle manner so you will not be turned away from me.

Gentle touch massage is also suitable for other vulnerable people suffering from other conditions or the elderly.

On-site Massage - Seated Acupressure Massage

On-site massage is based on the Japanese Acupressure techniques. It is carried out on a specially ergonomically designed chair. The clients remain fully dressed and there is no use of oils or lotions. The massage works along the body meredians and improves blood circulation and flow of energy, relief of muscle tension and joint strains which all help relieve stress. The massage also incorporates stretches and invigorating tapotements helping the client to return to work right after the massage. On-site massage has the same effect as light exercise and leaves the client relaxed yet alert and energised.

Four out of five adults experience back pain at some stage in their life and back pain is one of the most frequent reasons for taking time off work. Seated acupressure massage can improve work morale in the work place or at speciel events.  The massage can be carried out almost anywhere, only a small space is required for the therapists massage chair. Possible venues include your work place, exhibitions and trade shows, conferences, public events, fairs, shows, markets, airports and pamper parties. Gardenacre Therapy can also join you to offer Swedish, sports and remedial massage if you are running a course, retreat or boot camp and need to keep your clients in high spirits and full of energy.  Please contact us for further details.

Neal's Yard Organic Mini-facial

Make the skin on your face feel smooth and nourished with a quick facial treatment

The Neal’s Yard Products used for the mini facial is:
Calendula Cleanser, Rose Water Toner, White tea Facial mist, Orange Flower facial oil, White tea Eye gel, Frankincense Nourishing Cream
Please get in touch to find out the full list of ingrediens.

Medical History. Everyone has to fill in a medical history to inform the therapist of any previous and current conditions there may have an impact on the treatment they are about to receive. It will be kept strictly confidential by the therapist. It usuallly takes 10-15 minutes and the time will be added on to your first treatment free of charge.

Assessment. Prior to the massage treatment an assessment of any problem areas/injuries will be carried out. This can include a visual assessment as well as testing range of movement.

The Massage. While the therapist step out of the room the client is asked to undress (except for underwear) and place themselves under the towel on the massage couch. During the massage only parts of the body being worked on will be uncovered and modesty is at all time a priority. On-site massage is performed on fully dressed clients and for the Dorn Method loosely fitted trouser can be worn although the top must be removed for access to the spine.